Friday, January 25, 2019


It's amazing how many people there are today that don't realize that we are on the brink of complete self annihilation. The day to day news blares at everyone twenty-four seven with non-stop chaos and forced anxiety as they begin their drive to work and on the way home. The frequencies are being ramped up to high pitched whine instead of a dull roar. The world is whizzing by so fast people don't have to time to catch a breath, or as the saying goes. "Stop to smell the roses."  The world is turning into a mass meat grinder, grinding out the absurd and lethal rhetoric of far right and far left factions, screaming inane accusations against one another and spreading propaganda that would make George Orwell's 1984 literary classic pale in some respects. Nations are not immune to this chaos and in fact are thoroughly involved with their own circus, or maybe black comedy would be a better term. The world is moving at warp speed dragging the threat of nuclear confrontation with it. Political partisanship and the process in general have morphed into some kind of ungodly war between evil and evil or dark and darker. The world has completely been transformed into some kind of dystopian futurist horror movie. Things are so chaotic and so fast that hardly anyone notices that the doomsday clock has been moved forward to two minutes to midnight. The Cuban missile crises is but a child's game compared to the brink we now find ourselves on. Many prophecies both biblical and others like the Hopi, have nailed some of the signs that we are seeing now. Many citizens are crying for relief with mass protests erupting everywhere as never before. Every mans hand is against his brother and the gutters are running red with the blood of the innocents. Child abuse and human trafficking are international sport. Pornography and sex crimes make Sodom and Gomorrah look like kindergarten. Everyone is involved. Politicians, sports figures, movie stars, and high business executives. I can't see how this could ever be turned around except by some preponderance of too much yin or yang as the Taoists might say.  This is exactly what I think is about to happen. There is going to be a massive flip in energy on some level which will bring about a huge change. It's a meta-physical law and a spiritual law. Things that get out of balance have to flip in order to regain equilibrium. Watch for this event coming to a theater near you. And you know what? The ones who are perpetuating this chaos are driving themselves off a cliff. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Those with the right minds and good hearts will survive, and all those who are caught up in factions and the false hope of politics, geopolitics and false religions will be dragged down to the dark depths of destruction of their own making. It is time for all right thinking people to return to the forces of nature and to the spirits of goodness, like the indigenous ancestors of old.Technology is a path to destruction and has moved us far from our center and our true spirits.